Tempting taste, mouthwatering aroma, seducing flavor you will taste for the first time, and yearn to try one more time. Salt, chilly and Coriander mixed well balanced given the great Indian flavor. Licking your finger you search for the last piece, both the elders and the children love to much a packet for fun and to quench hunger more often. You never feel like to leave the wrapper on the ground, and it’s finished so fast before you realize, it was…


Pure from the farm, pure while crushing, pure while packing, pure while cooking, pure while packing and pure when sold, and even more pure when you eat it. Just serving pure and hygienic snacks ever…the ingredients are collected directly from the farms, they are processed and packed with utmost care and quality standard. Every ingredient meets the global standard of sourcing and processing. ,


Filled with herbs and spices makes a rich mix, Good for health and let you live healthily. and tasty the spices as they are fresh and virgin with the original taste and health benefit is preserved as it is until the packet you empty. Every ingredient meets the health benefits and zero side effect. Every product will help you live healthily and enjoy the great Indian taste and natural food. No artificial color, flavor or ingredients are used in any product.



Devarpan Foods Pvt. Ltd. is the food division of thirty five years old KVS Premier Group based at Kashipur, Uttarakhand, primarily engaged in manufacture of construction steel and structural steel products. Our dynamic leaders Sh. Mithlesh Agrawal, Sh. Devendra Kumar Agarwal and Mr. Arpan Jindal have led the KVS Premier Group to the highest pinnacle of success with their commendable “Vision and Mission” Formulas. Having earned the reputation of providing the highest class of products, the Group is now poised for the next level from “STEEL TO MEALS”. The big leap into the food sector is a mission to meet the basic human need of good quality fun & sweet meals..